The Aims of Inclusion For All’s Work

  • To help facilitate education systems that are fully and positively LGBT+ inclusive
  • To help education professionals create places of study free from negative stereotyping, bullying and pejorative language related to sexual orientation and/or gender identity or expression
  • To build confidence in school governors, school leaders teaching and non-teaching staff in pro-actively facilitating positive LGBT+ inclusion
  • To raise awareness of LGBT+ bullying in schools and communities
  • To raise awareness of the negative potentially life long impact of prejudice related bullying
  • To raise awareness the statutory, OFSTED and moral obligations for preventing LGBT+ bullying and language in schools
  • To provide practical teaching and learning tips, anecdotal evidence and support strategies for school staff, parents and pupils in preventing LGBT+ bullying and language
  • To share and celebrate relevant good practice across the country
  • To highlight the positive impact for individuals and whole school communities in positive LGBT+ inclusion
  • To build bridges between those who share a faith and or LGBT+ characteristic under the Equality Act 2010 and those who do not.

Inclusion For All’s Invitation Is To:

  • Facilitate a safe, inclusive school environment for staff and family members who have chosen to share their identity status
  • Facilitate a safe, inclusive school environment for all of the children who we care for whilst creating a nurturing respectful environment in which they can explore their authentic identity
  • Support LGBT+ staff if they choose to be their authentic selves at in the workplace
  • Support parents of students who may be openly LGBT+ within school setting
  • Support young people who may have same sex or transgender parents
  • Fulfil statutory obligations for schools under Equality Law
  • Be pro-active in building compassionate bridges between LGBT+ people and non LGBT+ people, including those from faith and non faith backgrounds